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    AI-Powered Analytics
    Real-Time Analytics
    Actionable Insights for Informed Decisions
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    AI-Powered E-Commerce Analytics
    AI-Powered Analytics for Smart Decisions, Competitor Analysis,
    Market Insights, and Optimal Assortment.
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    Flyer Analytics Redefined
    Unlock the Power of Daily Promotion Insights

AI-Powered Real-Time E-Commerce & Retail Analytics

AI-Powered E-Commerce Analytics

We gather data from diverse sources, covering online retailers and marketplaces on both web and mobile platforms.

Our focus is on delivering instant insights through AI-powered analytics algorithms that calculate and visualize results, rankings, and shares.

  Price & Promotions
  Assortment & Availability
  Share & Ranking
  Rating & Review
  Buy Box & Seller

AI-Powered Flyer Analytics

On a daily basis, our reports and dashboard show all product and campaign details for all flyers.

Our reports show the category, retailer, brand and product analyses including historical data. We show the causal data at different levels.

  Daily Tracking and Reporting Excellence
  Tailored Solutions and Analyses

Over 100 companies, managing hundreds of brands, choose BrandZone for actionable insights, now enhanced by the power of AI.

As we extend our global reach, actively connecting with customers in 25 different countries, our presence is scaling to new heights.

With expertise in technology, retail, and data analytics, our team ensures the customization of services to meet your specific requirements.